A Better Way to Pay

AppToPay lets you quickly and easily spread the cost of purchases made at your favourite retail stores between 2 and 12 months without charging you any interest or additional fees.

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How it works


Download the App

Download the app from your devices app store and submit a credit application - it takes just a few minutes!


Get Pre-Approved

If approved, you'll be given an "interest free" credit limit of up to £2,000 that you can use to spread the cost of purchases in participating retailers!


Spread the Cost

Each purchase you make using AppToPay goes on to an "interest free" fixed term repayment plan between 2 and 12 months which you choose at the point of purchase.

How it compares

See how AppToPay compares to using a Credit Card or Traditional Retail Finance.

  Credit Card Retail Finance AppToPay
Interest Free

AppToPay doesn't charge you, the consumer, any interest or added fees on purchases as long as you keep up with repayments.

Biometric Security

Every AppToPay transaction is validated using biometric authentication for speed and security.

Flexibility at the Point of Purchase

AppToPay gives you the flexibility to choose the amount and repayment period at the point of purchase without having to make a new application every time you make a purchase.

No In-Store Credit Checks

With AppToPay, unlike traditional 'interest free' finance, there is no need for potentially embarrassing in store credit checks!

Fast In-Store Transactions

AppToPay in-store transactions take less than 30 seconds - unlike traditional retail finance transaction which can take up to 20 mins.

Section 75 Cover

AppToPay users enjoy the same levels of consumer cover as they would with all other consumer finance and payment service providers.

Simple transaction

No Added Charges. No Hidden Fees.

We make our money by charging retailers the interest fees instead of you, keeping your additional costs at zero.

Application Fee
Sign Up Fee
Monthly Fees
Annual Fees

How to get AppToPay

Opening an account with AppToPay is easy and once approved you can start to use it straightaway.

Download the App

Download the AppToPay app from your devices app store.

Complete an Application

Complete an credit check to establish a credit limit.

Spread the Cost

Use AppToPay to spread the cost of purchases at participating retailers.

Get AppToPay

Download the AppToPay app from your devices app store.

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