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By accepting AppToPay, you'll be giving your customers an 'interest free' line of credit that lets them spread the cost of purchases made in your store between 2 & 12 months.

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The benefits of accepting AppToPay

Give Your Customers Choice

Let your customers spread the cost of purchases quickly, easily and at no extra cost at the point of purchase without the need for in store credit checks.

Expand Your Customer Base

Attract customers from further-afield and from outside your current target demographic by offering an easy 'interest free' split payment option of between 2 and 12 months.

No Regulatory Requirements

Unlike some retail finance products, there is no need for retailers to become FCA regulated in order to accept AppToPay in their stores.

Get Paid Without Risk

AppToPay pays out to retailers within 48 hours of a transaction and assumes all credit and fraud risk on every transaction processed using AppToPay.

Get Started Today

There is no need for costly ePos system integrations, as long as you have a smart phone or tablet and an internet connection you’ve got everything you need to start accepting AppToPay.

How it compares

See how AppToPay combines the best elements of other popular payment solutions to create the ultimate retail finance solution.

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Fast In-Store Transactions

No need for in-store credit checks or further ID verification, the AppToPay app does it all, within 30 seconds!

Re-Marketing Capabilities

AppToPay lets your re-market to customers that have shopped with you to send them relevant offers and promotions for free through the app.

Point of Purchase Flexibility

AppToPay lets your customers choose the amount to be financed and the re-payment duration at the point of purchase.

No In-Store Credit Checks

Just like a credit card, customers are pre-approved for a line of credit so there is no need to take up valuable staff time waiting for customers to complete credit checks.

No Added Costs to Consumer

AppToPay is always ‘interest free’ and ‘fee free’ to the consumer, this helps drive higher ticket item sales.

Risk Free to the Retailer

AppToPay assumes all credit and fraud risk so there is no risk of lost revenues to the retailer.

How it works

Offering and accepting AppToPay in your store is easy, AppToPay is designed to work just as well for small independent retailers as it does for larger multi-branch retailers.

Customers are Pre-Approved

No in-store credit checks, customers have already been pre-approved for a line of credit before they walk through your door.

No Integration Needed

AppToPay works with any ePos system as it requires no integration, it is app based so as long as you have a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection you can use AppToPay.

Point of Sale Flexibility

Customers choose the amount they want to spend and the repayment period at the point of purchase, transactions take less than 30 seconds from instigation to confirmation.

48 Hour Remittance

AppToPay sends you full remittance within 48 hours of the transaction to your nominated bank account helping to keep your cashflow positive.

Retailer Dashboard

Once a customer has made a purchase you are able to gain insight into their spending with you, send targetted offers and promotions via in-app notificatons as well as view preset and custom reports on your overall AppToPay account performance.

AppToPay gives your customers an "interest free" line of credit to spend in your store, without adding to your workload.

James Jones, Founder

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